Tobacco Barn

One of the newest additions to the John Blue House and Heritage Center is a 100-year-old tobacco barn. The original log tobacco barn is reportedly only one of four left in the state open for public view.

The barn, which was donated to the commission by a family in Robeson County, was slated to be torn down. The log cabin barn boasts two brick furnaces that were originally fueled by wood before oil burners came into use in the 1950’s.

Due to the size of the barn, it  was disassembled from top to bottom before being relocated to the John Blue grounds where it was completely restored.

Measuring 23 feet by 23 feet, the barn is larger than most tobacco barns. Based on the materials used in the construction of the barn, such as the type of nails used, “forensic architects” believe it to be at least 100 years old.